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Give your eyes the all-day hydration and UV protection they deserve. Aveo lenses feel so good, your eyes might just send a thank-you note!

  • All-day hydration

    Aveo lenses stay fresh and 96% hydrated even after 12 hours of wear thanks to our AquaLock technology.

  • Super breathable

    Aveo contact lenses let in 2x more oxygen compared to other hydrogel lenses, for healthier, brighter eyes.

  • No-slip fit

    Our unique BlissEdge keeps the lens in place, eliminates friction, and lets fresh moisture and oxygen reach your eye.

  • HD vision

    Aspheric optics match the surface of your eye, delivering clear, vivid HD vision through the entire lens, with no distortion.

  • UV protection

    Our lenses filter out UVA and UVB rays to protect your eyes from harmful radiation, whether it’s coming from the sun or a mobile device screen.

  • Naturally biocompatible

    Our hydrogel lenses have no added artificial agents, making them gentler on sensitive eyes — as well as more sustainable, since they take less water and energy to produce.

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The Aveo advantage

Designed for comfort

Advanced design and proprietary tech means you enjoy the most comfortable contacts science has to offer.

Highest quality, premium lenses

Our lenses exceed the strictest QA processes and the highest production standards.

Daily contacts for astigmatism

We’re the only direct-to-consumer subscription brand offering daily contacts for astigmatism.

Sustainable manufacturing

Our eco-friendly facilities use less water, energy, and resources compared to other brands.

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Available for astigmatism
Advanced hydration technology
Best-in-class breathability
Built-in UV protection exceeding Class II standards
Naturally biocompatible & free of artificial agents
Sustainably manufactured in-house
Flexible plan options
Easy returns and cancellation
Convenient online vision test
Convenient, efficient customer service (Phone, email, and live chat)

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Our Smile Squad (aka a team of real, live, awesome humans) is the cherry on top of your Aveo experience 🌟💯
Our founder Cecile started Aveo in 2018 because she didn’t want anyone to experience what she went through (full story at the link in bio 👀).⁠
As we begin to wrap up the end of year and welcome in the beginning of another, we’d like to just take a moment to show appreciation and shout her out for bringing us on this journey towards happy, healthy eyes 😍🙌⁠
(P.S. it’s also her birthday month! 🎂 Happy birthday, Cecile! 🥳)
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Say hello to the more sustainable choice for daily contacts 😍🌏⁠
Aveo contacts use 20x less water to manufacture compared to other brands, and we ship them direct to you from our LEED Gold–certified facility 🙌
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“Let’s eat!” 😋🍽⁠ Happy Thanksgiving!⁠
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What she said ☝️🙌⁠
(merriebby via Twitter)
Reminder: remove your contacts for a good night’s sleep 💤 and happy, healthy eyes 😍
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