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Aveo contacts are designed for crystal clear vision, long-lasting comfort, and optimal eye health.

See how good your eyes can feel.

We make it easy to get daily contacts that give you super-sharp HD vision, stay fresh and comfortable all day long, protect your eye health, and save you money.


Our leading-edge technology helps keep your eyes healthy and happy and gives you dazzling HD vision.


Because we make and ship them ourselves, you don’t pay extra markups — so our premium contacts cost less.


Ultra hydrating Aveo contacts are more breathable — for fresh eyes all day long.

All about options

Our flexible subscription puts you in total control. And every lens is backed by our EyeSmile Promise.

We’re seriously obsessed with contact lens tech.

Our advanced lens technology is more than just cool science stuff to nerd out on; it’s actually our secret to happy eyes. That’s why we make our contacts in our own fully automated clean-room facility, inspect every single one under a high-definition magnifying camera, and ship them from our LEED Gold–certified distribution center. And it’s why we invest countless hours in research and development to make contacts that aren’t just super hydrating and all-day comfortable, but healthy for your eyes too.

Here’s a look at some of the advanced technology that goes into every pair of our lenses:

Aspheric Optics

Clearly better vision correction

Our aspheric optics design matches the curve of your eye and adjusts the refraction across different areas of the lens, giving you crystal-clear HD vision throughout your entire field of vision.


Like a #SpaDay for your eyes

Aveo lenses include AquaLock, which mimics a hydrophilic molecule that occurs naturally in your eyes. AquaLock creates a cushion of hydration against the surface of your eye and keeps your contacts 96% hydrated even after 12 hours of wear — and it’s integrated right into the lens, so it won’t wear off or dissipate like a coating.


A fresh outlook with every blink

Our unique BlissEdge design is a frictionless dual-tapered edge that keeps the lens in place and allows your eyelid to glide over the edge with no drag. Every time you blink, BlissEdge swaps water and oxygen under the lens for fresh moisture and oxygen from outside — for contacts that feel like you’re wearing no contacts at all.

Superhuman QA

Made by robots, loved by humans

Because we design, manufacture and QA our own lenses, we can stand behind them 100%. Our fully automated clean-room factory manufactures our contacts within mind-bogglingly small tolerances — and we control every phase of the process to guarantee that every Aveo lens fits, feels, and focuses just right, every time. Our stringent quality control, including inspections under a magnifying high-definition camera, means only absolutely flawless lenses end up in your mailbox.

UV Protection

Your new fave filter

Our built-in Class II UV blocker protects your eyes from on average 97% of UVB and 87% of UVA radiation, whether it’s coming from the sun or a mobile device screen.

High Oxygen

A breath of fresh air

Yes, your eyes need to breathe! Our premium Omafilcon A contacts are super breathable, with an oxygen transmissibility (Dk/t) of 37. Other hydrogel lenses have a Dk/t as low as 18 — way below the minimum Dk/t that’s recommended to avoid potential eye damage.

Natural Biocompatibility

Clean and comfy, naturally

Our Omafilcon A hydrogel lens material with AquaLock repels the bio-buildup (ew!) that can cause cloudiness and irritation with less advanced hydrogels like Etafilcon and Methafilcon. Our contacts’ natural biocompatibility means they don’t require as much processing to keep your eyes from rejecting them — so we can use less energy, water, and other resources for more sustainable production.


Enter the no-spin zone

Aveo toric lenses for astigmatism are engineered with SteadyView, a unique modified prism ballast design that helps reposition the lens correctly in your eye with every blink. SteadyView results in a thin, comfortable lens that stays in place, feels better, and provides crystal-clear HD optics.

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