For contact lens wearers, renewing your prescription is a drearily familiar routine: You make an appointment with your eye care provider. Fight traffic and scour the neighborhood looking for parking. Cool your heels in the waiting room so long that those dog-eared InStyle magazines from 2014 start to look almost interesting. Take your exam, get your prescription, and then go home and order your contacts.

As much as innovations in telemedicine and e-health are changing our health care as a whole, they seem to have mostly left the vision care industry behind.

But now, that’s changing too. Thanks to online vision tests, you can now renew your contact lens prescription in minutes, right in the comfort of your living room — without the hassle of a visit to your provider’s office.

At Aveo, our mission is to make better eye health more accessible for everyone — and we’re always looking for new ways to incorporate leading-edge technology into not only our lenses, but the entire Aveo experience. Our FreshRx online vision test makes it easier than ever to have happy, healthy eyes.

What is an online vision test?

An online vision test like FreshRx is the digital version of the familiar test where you read lines of letters from a chart across the room. It measures the amount of vision correction you need to reach 20/20 “perfect” vision — only instead of a chart on the wall, you read the letters from a computer or tablet, and enter your answers using your smartphone.

The results of your test are then sent to a board-certified ophthalmologist, who issues your new prescription and makes other recommendations as needed. You receive your results and new prescription via email usually within 24 hours of taking the test.

How much does an online vision test cost?

While prices vary, our FreshRx vision test costs just $25 — far less than an office visit!

Is an online vision test the same as a comprehensive eye exam?

While FreshRx and other online vision tests can tell you if your vision has changed, they can’t diagnose medical conditions such as glaucoma or assess your health in general. For that, you need to have regular comprehensive, in-person eye exams with your provider. How often depends on your age, whether you wear glasses or contacts, and your overall health.

That said, if you’re healthy and you haven’t experienced any changes in your vision, an online vision test is an easy, safe, economical way to renew your prescription.

What do I need to take an online vision test?

Different tests have different requirements, but to take FreshRx, you’ll need just a few things:

  • 10 feet of space
  • a computer or tablet to display the chart
  • a smartphone to enter your responses
  • your existing prescription (an expired one is OK), and
  • your current contacts (be sure to wear them for the test!)

You’ll also need to be between the ages of 18 and 55, and have good overall eye health.

How do I take an online vision test?

Taking our FreshRx vision test is super easy! Simply choose the FreshRx option during the signup process. Once your prescription has been renewed, you’ll receive a 10-pair trial of Aveo premium daily contacts to get you started on the road to happy eyes.

Update your Rx without leaving the house!
Take our FreshRx vision test today and get a 10-pair trial