Renew your contact lens prescription from home

Who can take FreshRx?

You can take FreshRx if:

  • you’re between 18 and 55 years old;
  • you have an existing contact lens prescription (even if it’s expired);
  • you require the same Aveo product type for both eyes;
  • you have good overall eye health; and
  • you live in one of the following states
Don’t meet one or more criteria above?

We’ll verify your current contact lens prescription with your doctor instead.

What you need to complete FreshRx

Your previous contact lens prescription

Where do I find it?

Why do I need this?

Your current contacts

You’ll need to be wearing your contacts during the vision test.

Smartphone and computer

You’ll view a digital eye chart on your computer screen and answer a few questions using your smartphone.

10 feet of space

You’ll need to be 10 feet away from your computer during the vision test.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! A board-certified ophthalmologist reviews your FreshRx test results before issuing your renewed prescription.

To renew your prescription, the ophthalmologist needs to know the prescription parameters. If you don’t have a copy of your prescription, you can find these values on your contact lens box.

FreshRx works only if you’ve already had a contact lens prescription. If you haven’t worn contacts before, you’ll need to visit your eye care provider for a contact lens fitting.

No worries! Even an expired contact lens prescription will work. If you have the details (which you can also find on your contact lens box), you can renew your prescription with FreshRx.

It’s the most convenient way to renew your contact lens prescription at home

— Carmen Moriah, FreshRx Customer

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