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Aveo Hello are our daily disposable soft contact lenses. It’s all about giving your eyes the comfort they deserve, with lenses that perfectly fit your lifestyle and routine. With biocompatible AquaLock hydration technology, a no-slip fit, and UV protection, Hello lenses feel so good your eyes might just send a thank-you note.

New day, fresh contacts.

Aveo Hello daily disposables give you the freedom to get out there and live life — without being bogged down by nighttime cleaning and storing hassle.

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Lens details

MaterialOmafilcon A
Hydration TechnologyAquaLock MPC hydrophilic compound
Water Content58%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Center Thickness (@–3.00D) 0.07mm
Oxygen Transmissibility (Dk/t)36.7 × 10–9 (cm/sec) (ml O2/ml x mm Hg)
UV BlockerClass II — blocks on average 97% UVB and 87% UVA
Visibility TintLight Blue
For AstigmatismNo — notify me when toric lenses are available

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