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Contacts should be comfortable. Prices should be affordable. And taking care of our eyes shouldn’t tax the planet.

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Before I knew any better, I made the mistake that many contact lens wearers make: I overwore my contacts. Replacing them was an expensive hassle I chose to avoid as long as possible. This turned out to be a life-changing mistake. Overwearing my contacts led to a severe condition that nearly cost me my vision. Aveo exists because I don’t want anyone else to experience what I went through. Our mission is clear. We’re committed to making better eye health accessible to everyone, by offering the most comfortable, affordable, sustainably made premium contacts. You deserve happy eyes. It’s as simple as that.

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Contacts should feel good.

We want to change your entire contact lens experience — how you order them, how they fit into your life, and how you feel about wearing them. You’ve only got one pair of eyes — let’s keep them healthy and smiling, all year long.

Change is good.

The biggest, baddest bad habit of them all? Overwearing. Wearing contacts beyond their intended use can cause discomfort and lead to serious problems. Don’t do it! Our inexpensive subscriptions make it easy to rock fresh, clean lenses every day.

Happy eyes shouldn’t be a luxury.

We manufacture our lenses to meet our own exacting standards, so we can deliver superior quality and comfort. You get the best contacts at the best price, with no extra markups.

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Did you know: wearing contacts beyond their intended use can cause discomfort and lead to serious problems 👀⁠
Enter Aveo! Our inexpensive subscription plans make it easy to rock fresh, clean lenses every day 🤩
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We know you care about the planet, and we do too! 💚 That’s why all Aveo lenses are sustainably made in-house.⁠
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